"Before our projects with Integral Building Systems, our telecom rooms were crowded, messy and hard to work in. IBS was able to consolidate our mess of cabling in to one neatly organized rack. We now have more space and our cabling system manages itself."


  • Retrofit Cleanup
The useful life of a structured cabling system can range anywhere from a few years up to ten years depending on the type of system installed. As network equipment and phone systems are upgraded, antiquated cabling systems often need to be replaced. Retrofit projects require a good deal of planning and even more coordination to minimize disturbances and possible downtime.
Over the life of a cabling system it's likely that several additions, moves and changes will take place. Unfortunately, it is also very common that these changes will be done by more than one contractor leading to inconsistent if not messy workmanship. This effect is compounded over the years as abandoned equipment and cabling is not removed. For this reason, cleanup of old cabling and telecom rooms can become a major project.
Integral Building Systems, Inc. specializes in both of these areas. Our team has over 20 years of experience with retrofit installations most of which culminate in removal of old cabling and components. The final product is a new high-performance cabling system with clean and orderly telecom rooms.