"Since the origination of AECOM in 1990, we continue to improve our global resources through local networks. We are made up of some the world's finest engineering, design and program management companies - with long decades of experience in their respective fields.

At AECOM communication is key and network connectivity and reliability are essential to our business. We deliver excellence and innovation and expect no less from our contractors. Despite an aggressive deadline, Integral Building Systems delivered a top notch cabling system that is essential to our business and keeps us connected with our clients and our offices across the globe. Their professionalism, innovative ideas, and focus on client satisfaction, made them a truly valuable asset and a great pleasure to work with."


  • Fiber Optic
In recent years it has become apparent that fiber optics are steadily replacing copper wire as the preferred means of communication signal transmission. Fiber optic cabling provides several advantages over copper including higher speed, longer distance and superior resistance to outside interference. As copper prices continue to rise and the cost of fiber optic cabling and components fall, fiber optic cabling will become even more prevalent.
Among the advantages of fiber optic cabling there are considerations that must be addressed. In addition to being more fragile than copper, fiber optic cable is more difficult and time consuming to terminate. The slightest installation errors can lead to damaged fiber and poor performance.
Although costs have come down, fiber optic cabling is still a significant investment. Integral Building Systems, Inc. provides extensive fiber optic training for all of our technicians to maximize the value of that investment.