"We have partnered with Integral Building Systems for all of our structured cabling needs. Whether adding one cable for a printer or re-cabling an entire floor, IBS always does a great job. They are on time and always on budget."
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  • Structured Cabling
A structured cabling system is defined as a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, data, video and various management systems of a building such as safety, alarms and security access. It consists of an open architecture, standardized media and layout, and adherence to national and international standards.
When Integral Building Systems, Inc. designs a structured cabling system, we do so with all potential systems in mind. A good SCS will support not only voice and data networks but security, building automation, alarm systems and more. In fact, the more building systems that are integrated in the SCS, the greater the savings, especially during initial construction.
Integral Building Systems, Inc. has the experience and resources to design, install and support not only voice/data cabling systems, but fiber optic, security, sound, and many other cabling systems as well.