"IBS has taken care of all my business and personal home security needs.  They have installed camera systems, card readers, and alarms.  What impresses me the most is their customer service following an installation.   Any issues, questions, or concerns are dealt with promptly and correctly.  They even take time to help you with security situations you might discover using your system.  Mark Considine shared his experience with me to help find patterns displaying possible employee theft at my c-store locations.  You can expect knowledge beyond just the security system when working with IBS.  I would highly recommend IBS to any business or home owner."

   Jon Crawford
   Crawford Oil & Propane

  • Intrusion Alarm
If your security goals are deterring burglars from entering your building, an intrusion alarm system is a great solution. A properly designed system will detect an intruder within seconds of entering the facility. Alarms can be loud or silent, can notify authorities or customer contacts, and can even send an e-mail notification.
An intrusion alarm system does not need to be complex in order to be effective. Installing door position sensors on exterior doors will catch the vast majority of intruders but certainly not all of them. Glass break sensors and well placed motion sensors however should take care of the rest. More complex systems can integrate with your card access system and add environmental controls as well.
Integral Building Systems, Inc. is your single-source vendor for design, installation, support and monitoring of intrusion alarm systems. Contact us today for a free estimate.