"Before we partnered with Integral Building Systems, all our branches had a different type of door access to get in to the buildings which made traveling to each office a real hassle. That all changed when we had Integral Building Systems install a state of the art card access system. We now have full access to all of our sites from a central location with one type of technology to gain access to all our branches. We are in the process of integrating camera surveillance and alarm systems with our access control system."

   Badgerland Financial

  • Security
Security is defined by Wikipedia as the degree of protection against danger, loss, and criminals. There are many types of security systems building owners can employ to protect their property from attacks of this nature. The effectiveness of security systems are only as good as their design which makes planning extremely important.
The first thing to look at in designing a security system is the building itself and the possible threats. Examining possible points of entry, valuable inventory and critical assets creates a solid baseline for building a system. Other points to consider are what information and reports would be useful as well as who will handle administration of the system.
Engineers at Integral Building Systems, Inc. have designed small camera surveillance systems for a single building, alarm systems for multiple building campuses and card access systems for state wide financial institutions. No project is too small or too large.