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A Breakthrough In Business Communications
ShoreTel is proud to introduce ShoreTel Connect, a remarkable innovation in IP telephony and unified communications. The first of its kind, ShoreTel Connect is a platform built on a single software code base that means you can design your communications system any way you choose: as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or as a hybrid deployment where some locations and applications are managed in the cloud and others are managed onsite. You choose.  
This flexibility means that you can also choose how you want to expense your communications system – as a monthly subscription operating cost where ShoreTel manages everything for you, or as a licensed product capital expense that you control and amortize over time. Because it is based on a single code base, adds, changes, and updates are simple and include complete parity of features across both types of deployment.
You decide when, if, and how to migrate to the cloud. And, whatever you decide today is completely adjustable to what you may need tomorrow. The investments you’ve made are protected.
And here’s the kicker. While ShoreTel Connect is certainly a huge advance for IT, it also provides a simple, natural way for employees, partners, and customers to engage and communicate, whether they are remote or in the office. ShoreTel Connect saves time, and takes the frustration out of engaging so people can focus on getting their work done and their ideas heard. And when integrated into other business applications, ShoreTel Connect makes it easier to share insights, be more productive and grow the business. 
ShoreTel Connect provides an intuitive new collaboration experience that:  
  • Allows you to communicate according to your individual preferences
  • Makes enterprise communications as easy to use as your personal ones
  • Escalates your conversations from an IM, to a call, to an online meeting, to a web desktop share with or without video – with the single click of a button
  • Enables you to collaborate as easily with groups outside your company as those inside
  • Eliminates the need for plug-ins, complicated set-ups, and multiple application windows and passwords before you can get your work done


Camera Links, EasyConnect Enhancements and More Highlight the exacqVision 7.0 Release

The latest version of the exacqVision video management system (VMS), version 7.0 is now available.

Watch the exacqVision 7.0 Release Overview video 

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try

VideoPush for Mobile and Faster Camera Discovery Highlight the exacqVision 6.8 Release

The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 6.8, is now available. The focus of this release centers around VideoPush for Exacq Mobile and faster camera discovery through EasyConnect. With added support for over 75 new cameras in this release and 250 new test records, the exacqVision VMS now supports nearly 2,300 IP camera models.

exacqVision 6.0 logoexacqVision 6.8 is available for download

LenelThe integration of Lenel’s OnGuard 7.0® with exacqVision provides users with an easy-to-use, versatile access control and video surveillance security system combined in one platform. From one interface, users can utilize the functionality of exacqVision within the access control system. With OnGuard 7.0, exacqVision users can now access pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) focus and iris control for analog PTZ cameras. The new integration also features performance improvements with alarm monitoring when playing back recorded video.

This integration allows end users to:

  • Add video sources within OnGuard
  • View live and recorded video from exacqVision VMS software within OnGuard
  • View the status of recorders and channels in the system
  • Export recorded video
  • Control PTZ from OnGuard applications
  • Send motion detected alarms from exacqVision to alarm monitoring

exacqVision Lenel Integration

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.6 or later with a current exacqVision Enterprise license and OnGuard 7.0. Download the plug-in. Previous certifications for earlier versions of OnGuard are also available.

Learn more about this powerful integration with Lenel on our Access Control Integration page

exacqVision 6.6 Releases Focuses on Failover

exacqVision Z-Series: Better performance, lower cost

OCTOBER 29, 2014


The exacqVision Z-Series recorders for demanding applications


Record many high megapixel or multi-imager cameras Many simultaneous client connections


No single power source failure No single disk failure No single network failure


Store over 90 days of video Easily expandable to years of storage with exacqVision S-Series

exacqVision 6.4 is available for download, click here
SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
The new EasyConnect feature found in exacqVision 6.4 provides the power of IP cameras with the simplicity of analog. With EasyConnect, IP cameras are not only discovered through the exacqVision client, they can also be assigned IP addresses and then automatically connected to a recorder—all from the same place. exacqVision 6.4 also includes the new VideoPush expanded video wall feature which allows user to push cameras, layouts, tours, groups and even views to other client users or public view monitors (PVMs) with a simple drag-and-drop control. Other highlights of the latest release include multi-location archiving, live view export, case management export and over 130 new IP camera integrations. In addition to updating exacqVision, we’ve improved the exacqVision web browser client and Exacq Mobile app, and updated Enterprise System Manger (ESM). We are also pleased to announce the availability of our new E-Series Encoders.

AURORA Software Updates available, click here
JULY 14, 2014

Telguard Interactive App
Telguard Interactive delivers total security system awareness anywhere, anytime. Remotely arm or disarm your system, view arming and alerting history and receive notifications of any alarm status change, easily and securely. Telguard Interactive tells you when your kids get home or if your alarm system was not armed when you left for work. It's peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Created by a world renowned consumer app design firm, Telguard Interactive is easy to use on-the-go, providing just the right amount of interactivity with your home security system. Telguard Interactive works in conjunction with Telguard's TG-1 Express cellular alarm communicator and is compatible with virtually all security alarm panels.

DSC PowerSeries Neo Revolutionary Control Panels
Four control panels ranging in capacity from 16 to 128 zones provide PowerSeries Neo with a reliable heartbeat to cater to a range of security system installations with even the most demanding partitioning requirements. These panels fully integrate with the extensive selection of PowerG- enabled devices which have been created with simplicity of installation and user-friendliness in mind.  A wide range of devices leverage the most innovative technologies to capitalize on the convenience, versatility and superior capabilities which the 2-way wireless PowerG technology offers. PowerSeries Neo devices require minimal installation time due to less wiring requirements, allowing for installation of devices in even the most challenging areas. The broad selection of devices includes PowerG-enabled motion detectors, contacts, wireless keys and various life- safety devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Designed with a scalable approach to cater to future needs, the vast selection of available devices and peripherals available for PowerSeries Neo is seamlessly integrated with an exceptionally comprehensive remote service software suite to support innovative leading-edge features such as alarm verification and remote diagnostics.

exacqVision 6.2 Release available, click here
JUNE 16, 2014
The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 6.2, is now available. This release adds bookmarking and case management, allowing users to permanently save, label and manage important video clips on the server. In addition, exacqVision 6.2 includes built-in EasySupport for highly detailed, same-day online support, along with Transacq Search for easier, more powerful searching through important serial data from sources like cash registers. With added support for over 80 new cameras in this release, the exacqVision VMS now supports nearly 2000 IP camera models.


Keyscan Introduces Aurora Access Control Management Software

JAN 31, 2014
Aurora, a new generation of access control management software, is now available from Keyscan Inc.
“While Keyscan Aurora is built on the foundation established by its predecessors, it also eclipses them,” said Steve Dentinger, Keyscan director of sales and marketing. “Aurora is a brand new software platform. It is a culmination of over 25 years dedicated to the access control marketplace.”
With a completely rebuilt and redesigned user interface, Aurora leverages the expanded processing power and capabilities built into Keyscan's most recent line of access control units, giving users a host of new and enhanced features. Together, Keyscan’s one-platform hardware and software interface not only supports small and mid-scale installations but now positions Keyscan as a permanent player in the enterprise access control marketplace. Aurora has the power and capability to exceed the demands of large-scale access control deployments.
“Keyscan has a reputation of delivering products that provide innovative features combined with ease of use. Aurora takes this to the next level and delivers a whole new user experience that further entrenches our commitment to innovation and forward-thinking,” Dentinger said.

exacqVision Edge: VMS on the Camera

MAY 15, 2012

exacqVision Software on a Camera
Load the fully featured exacqVision Edge server software directly on the camera instead of a PC based server. Edge stores video to the camera's SD memory card, and can archive to networked storage.
View live video, search recorded video or manage edge servers through the free exacqVision client for Windows, Linux or Mac. Connect to multiple Edge, Windows or Linux servers simultaneously.
Full exacqVision Performance and Functionality
The full functionality and performance of exacqVision Pro and exacqVision Enterprise is available in exacqVision Edge. Integrates with many popular cameras. Third-party integrations with POSaccess control, LPR, video analytics; Video Wall; Mapping; Digital PTZ, and more are all included with exacqVision Edge.
High Reliability Distributed Software
exacqVision edge runs on every camera, eliminating a single point-of- failure for multi-camera systems. Ideal for cameras on unreliable IP networks.
Simple Deployment and Reduced Cost in Low Camera Count Installations
Eliminates the need for a dedicated server, which is ideal for remote low camera count installations like remote utility stations. Eliminates the fixed server cost. Edge cameras can be completely pre-configured for quick and reliable turn-key installation.
Use in Isolated and Covert Recording Requirements
Record video in isolated or covert applications where network connectivity may not be available
Tablet and SmartPhone Integration
Load the free exacqVision web server application on a separate PC to view live and recorded video on Edge cameras.
Easy to Archive
Set your exacqVision Edge camera to archive video to a networked storage location.

Keyscan Introduces the Single Door PoE Equipped Controller - CA150

NOV 23, 2011

Keyscan is pleased to introduce the all-new Single-Door PoE (Power over Ethernet equipped) Access Control Unit – CA150. It is a culmination of engineering dedication and Keyscan’s commitment to innovation that has allowed us to continue to offer the highest quality access control solutions for over a quarter-century.

“Never before have the access control needs of businesses large and small been so easily accommodated”, says Steve Dentinger, Keyscan Director of Marketing. “From the simplest single-door application to several hundreds of doors; from a single site to multiple -sites; from traditional access control to centrally managed access control; Keyscan has made access control more accessible.”
The new access control unit is perfect for business owners that have only one critical door to be secured or simply appreciate the flexibility that its on-board PoE adapter provides. While engineered to support a single door it is also a fundamental part of our complete lineup of controllers and may be used in any combination with any of Keyscan’s line up of access control units as part of a larger access control system. The CA150 is also the perfect solution for Centrally Managed Access Control where access control system hosting is provided by Keyscan, as well as other Keyscan CMAC providers, ultimately allowing end-user customers to benefit from high quality access control and security while focusing on their core business operations.
When it comes to performance, capacities and overall capability, the single-door PoE equipped access control unit is comparable in every way with our full range of access control units. It leverages the very same feature-loaded software platform that has been deployed at some of the largest access control installations around the globe.
“Whether installing at a new site with one door, or adding an additional door to an existing site, Keyscan’s new CA150 access control unit makes it easier,” Dentinger said.
“Don’t be mistaken, this is no watered down access control unit. Every aspect has been considered to make the CA150 one of the most powerful single door controllers on the market today,” Dentinger continued. “We wouldn’t accept anything less, and neither should you.”