"When we made the decision to install card access at our facilities, we were only looking at selective pieces and we didn't know exactly where to start. Integral Building Systems explained the process clearly and provided us with a design that not only made sense but fit our budget. The system they designed for us meets our current needs and is scalable for future expansion and integration of other systems."

   Badgerland Financial

  • Security
A well designed security system not only protects company property but provides peace of mind to employees. Security systems can consist of intrusion alarms, access control systems and camera surveillance systems.
A security system is only as effective as its design. When laying out security system, several things need to be considered. First, determine what is the overall intent of the security system and what you hope to achieve. Many companies install security systems for safety and others for liability. Another factor in the design of security systems is threat level. Banks, for instance, are a more likely target for theft than possibly a factory.
Integral Building Systems, Inc offers expertise in designing all types of security systems. Integration of these systems will result in an easy to use, comprehensive security solution for your facility.