"We have a very large facility which makes communicating with our employees difficult and inefficient. We had an old paging system that wasn't working very well and sometimes not at all. Integral Building Systems designed a state of the art zone paging system for us their installation work was very professional. We can now quickly communicate messages to employees in all areas our building."

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  • Audio Video Systems
Audio/Video systems enhance not only communications but also the efficiency of an organization. However the functionality of an A/V system is only as good as its design. Before making a substantial investment, several design considerations should be addressed.
Audio/Video systems consist of dozens of technologies with the most common being zone paging, video conferencing, digital signage, projectors/screens, and white noise systems. Each of these systems have the ability to save you money and improve companywide communications. A well designed video conferencing system can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses for companies with many locations spread over a large geographical area. A zone paging system can save hours of time every day in large office or warehouse type facilities. These are just a couple of ways that audio/video systems save time and money and there are many more.
Integral Building Systems, Inc. has designed and implemented almost every kind of audio/video system available today. You can rely on us to solve all of your communications dilemmas and make your company more efficient.