"The installation was better than I could have ever expected on something so large. The training was thorough. The service is remarkable. I have yet to have a call into their offices on something and wait more than a business day to get a call back with answers. Ongoing informational seminars are offered and attended as needed. We actually joke internally that we wish all of our vendors were like IBS."

   Johnson Industries International

  • Business Communications Systems
Now more than ever, businesses rely on their telephone system to efficiently communicate with their customers and colleagues. With a multitude of technologies to choose from, companies need a partner they can trust to not only recommend a system to suit their needs but to provide ongoing support as well.
Integral Building Systems, Inc was founded on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and excellent customer service. Our staff brings a combined 120+ years of experience and our pricing is always fair and competitive. Traditional key system, PBX or new Voice Over IP system, we have the knowledge and support to handle any situation.
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